Watermark is First in Chesterfield County

TerraForge Communities is pleased to announce that Chesterfield County’s first mixed-use community is open and already selling. Located off Route 288 and Iron Bridge Road, Watermark is leading the way in intelligent land use. This multi-use community will be centered around a 220,000 square-foot Town Center that includes retail and cultural venues. For environmentally conscious homeowners who value convenience, Watermark is the ideal community.

In February 2008, Ryan Homes and Gemcraft Homes began pre-sales of their single-family homes at Watermark. These exceptionally well-designed homes begin in the high $200s. Traditional town homes and mid-rise, live/work condominiums will also be available in the near future.

David Cloak, President of TerraForge Communities, says, “Environmentalists and land-use experts have been touting the benefits and importance of mixed-use development for years. Richmonders are taking the message to heart and are actively seeking to live in a community that might allow them to spend less time in their vehicles, reduce their carbon footprint, and enjoy a more peaceful day-to-day pace of life. Watermark will be a community filled with opportunities for shopping, recreation, and healthy living in the 21st century.”

TerraForge Communities combines the expertise of developers, designers, real estate professionals, engineers, and building experts to create communities that integrate the best there is to offer in architecture, design, landscaping, and land use. They are dedicated to enhancing Virginia’s unique landscape with carefully planned communities intended to gain in esteem and value over time. To learn more about Watermark, log onto www.watermarkva.com.

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