Overview of TerraForge
TerraForge Communities, Inc. (TerraForge) is a partnership of design and real estate professionals with more than 75 collective years of experience building master-planned neighborhoods in communities throughout Virginia.

The TerraForge team is vertically integrated, combining in-house expertise in civil engineering, landscape architecture, marketing, and finance. Our commitment to attentive planning, research, and design gives each of our communities its exceptional and lasting personality. By creating communities that offer innovative amenities and unique, livable designs, TerraForge is providing our residents, and our partners, with assets rich in initial and long-term value.

We also build relationships-with our residents, with our builders, with our neighbors, and with leaders in government. All of these relationships are founded on a basis of honesty, integrity, and a rock solid commitment to producing the finest communities possible.

When you choose to live in a TerraForge Community, you’ll discover a community master planned to perfection.
1100 Boulders Pkwy · Chesterfield, VA 23225 · phone 804.726.2251 · fax 804.672.4841
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